Care Instruction

Not all bras, and other intimate apparel, are machine washable due to delicate fabric, laces and embellishments. Always read the care instructions on the tag inside your garment carefully.

To maintain the condition of your purchase and keep it looking its best, we recommend the following care instructions;

Hand washing – We recommend washing by hand using cold water. This guarantees your lingerie won’t become tangled or damaged by a washing machine. Cold water helps the elastic retain its stretch and shape, whereas hot water damages elastic, making it hard to maintain the original shape. Larger cup sizes are also best hand washed as the underwire can be put under stress when machine washed (even if it’s in a wash bag).

Wash bags – If you choose to machine wash, place your lingerie in a wash bag and always use a delicate cycle. We recommend hooking your bra together before placing it in the wash bag.

Drying your lingerie – We recommend drying your lingerie in the shade. This prevents it from being stretched or sun bleached. Don’t place your lingerie in dryers - exposure to heat may damage them.

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